Student Support Services

Sreenidhi International is an inclusive school and believes in holistic development of all the students. Every child has their own dreams. We do not want any child to be left behind in accomplishing their goals. As one size does not fit all, all the students do not learn the same way – some may need a different approach and specific methodology. That is taken care of by our Student Support Team – SST. Under the umbrella of SST, various student needs are addressed in a structured way.

Differentiation in teaching and learning is strongly advocated and teachers are encouraged to take part in professional development in this area and come up with innovative strategies to engage the students in a meaningful way. The Student Support Team comprises of the Dean of Students, English language support teachers, special education needs teachers and the school counsellor to address various needs of students.

The Dean of Students at Sreenidhi is a highly experienced educationalist who has been in the field of education for over three decades. Dr. Saraswathi Jayanthi has been working at Sreenidhi for the past 11 years serving in various leadership roles. The Dean of Students works closely with the Head of School and both the Senior Leadership Team and Pedagogical Leadership Teams develop, articulate, implement and execute the school’s strategic plan and vision. She coordinates with Homeroom teachers and Student Support Team (SST) to develop, manage and evaluate a continuum that supports the diverse educational needs of students and their well-being.

English Support

In PYP the students who need English support are identified by an assessment conducted by the English support teachers and students who require support, attend classes. In senior school it is by a referral process by the subject teachers, after which the English support teacher gives an assessment and decides if the student needs support. The students are grouped based on their level. Both ‘pull out’ (Specialist teachers work closely with students in the respective support classroom) and ‘push in’ (Specialist teachers work closely with students in the regular classroom) strategies are followed. An exit plan is clearly laid out which varies from a minimum of 6 months to 18 months.

Learning Support

Students with special education needs (SEN) are provided with intensive training. Students identified with specific learning issues are referred to the SEN coordinator by the regular teachers. The SEN coordinator then conducts an evaluation and based on the findings, the parents are invited for a meeting and external educational evaluation is suggested. Once the student is identified with a learning difficulty, the learning support teachers offer both “push in” and “pull out” services. The students get individual care and attention and have their Individual Educational Plan (IEPs) designed to assist them in attaining their individual goals.


Students who need emotional support will be referred to a school counselor either through reference by the teachers, Dean or coordinator. The Counsellor interacts with the student and fixes regular sessions based on need and strict confidentiality is maintained as norm. Counsellor and Dean of students also play a role in pastoral care and conduct special sessions like, ‘Voice It’, Mental Health and Well-Being’, and ‘Adolescent Education Programme’ to name a few. As an educational institution, we provide our students with a safe, healthy and peaceful environment to become compassionate global citizens.

College & University Counselling

It is crucial that as students make subject choices and consider future options that they are supported and guided by experts. At Sreenidhi we provide high quality guidance from subject choice, to university searches and applications processes.