Primary School Principal

Sonia Singh brings a wealth of experience and unbridled passion to her role as the Primary School Principal at Sreenidhi International School. With a remarkable journey spanning over two decades, her dedication to fostering a safe, nurturing environment for students and teachers shines through.

Sonia’s extensive background traverses the national, Cambridge, and IB curriculum, where she has held leadership positions in some of the country’s premier educational institutions. A luminary in the education sector, she is a respected authority in teaching pedagogies, classroom dynamics, teacher training, and curriculum design.

Commencing her career as a primary school educator, she transitioned into administrative and leadership spheres. Her hallmark is her knack for forging robust bonds with students, parents, and staff, a testament to her approachability and empathy.

At Sreenidhi International School, Sonia’s visionary leadership shapes the academic landscape. She orchestrates the school’s strategic direction, ensuring a rich blend of academic excellence and extracurricular vibrancy. Overseeing daily operations with finesse, she collaborates closely with her team of educators to deliver top-tier learning experiences that equip students for lifelong success. Sonia champions student agency, facilitating connections between academic endeavours and real-world encounters. A beacon of inspiration, she cultivates a love for learning, urging students to explore their passions and talents.

A distinguished alumna of St. Stephens College, Delhi University, with a Master’s in Education, Sonia is also a trained Instructional Designer and content connoisseur. Her dynamic expertise is honed through participation in various IB and Cambridge workshops, enriching her teaching arsenal.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Sonia finds solace in devouring educational theories and engaging in cutting-edge research at conferences. A fervent family person and an intrepid traveller, Sonia finds balance in life. Her altruistic spirit finds expression through community engagement, leaving a positive footprint on countless lives. Her passion to share and participate in the education community motivates her to write articles and speak on podcasts.

Sonia Singh’s journey epitomizes an unwavering commitment to education, a narrative that intertwines expertise, empathy, and a quest for innovation. Under her stewardship, Sreenidhi International School embarks on a transformative voyage, nurturing young minds and sculpting a future brimming with promise.