Experiential Learning

It’s important to provide students with opportunities to stretch themselves, develop resilience, promote teamwork and have some fun in new surroundings! School is much more than academic classrooms and learning takes place in many settings, especially those where students are taken out of their comfort zone. Sreenidhi organises residential outdoor education trips every year for all students from PYP3 to DP2. The number of nights away from home increases with age, and the nature of the challenge changes with each grade. This is where memories are made and gives students a chance to put into practice the life skills they have been developing.

An important part of learning to become a global citizen is being able to experience different ways of living, cultures and people. Sreenidhi organises exchange visits with schools around the world, with students staying in the Sreenidhi community, and our students experiencing new locations. This is often connected to a service learning activity.