Middle Years Programme

About the Programme

The Middle Years Programme at SIS is committed to providing a supportive environment that allows students to explore and develop their own intellectual, creative and physical abilities. Our goal of the MYP programme is to create independent and resilient learners in the age group of 11 through 16. Our dedicated faculty recognize that every child develops and matures at their own rate. Students are encouraged to think critically, collaborate and learn from their experiences. The rigorous MYP programme is built on engaging and developmentally appropriate academics, while preparing students for upper school. The programme framework encourages students to embrace and comprehend the links between their studies and the real world, as well as to become critical and reflective thinkers.

A philosophy regarding the nature of international education is the driving force behind all IB programmes. This philosophy is expressed first and foremost in the IB mission statement, which defines the organization’s general objective of supporting and developing international education programmes.

Curriculum Framework

The MYP curriculum is made up of eight subject groups that are linked by global contexts, which serve as a framework for learning within and across the subjects.

At Sreenidhi, students are required to study subjects from the following eight subject groups:

Service as Action

Throughout the five years of the programme, students are expected to actively engage with service for their community and beyond. Students take action when they put what they have learned in class to use outside of the classroom. Sreenidhi students want to be empathetic, caring and responsible members of the community who display a dedication to service, improving the lives of others and the environment..

Project-based Learning

At Sreenidhi, we offer a unique and ground breaking student driven learning programme which truly allows students to drive their own learning following their passions as they do so. It also provides students the opportunity to authentically practice and develop critical approaches to learning skill (21st century skills).

Personal Project

In the final year of the programme, students engage in a personal project. This is the culminating learning experience for all MYP students. It allows them to demonstrate the understandings and skills they have developed throughout the programme and is a natural progression from our Project based learning

Sreenidhi puts the learner at the centre of the educational experience. This demonstrates our commitment to educating the whole person and emphasizing the value of student inquiry. MYP students are transitioning from early puberty to mid-adolescence, which is a crucial period of personal, social and intellectual development, uncertainty and questioning. Our programme is intended to help students find a sense of place in their natural and social contexts.

Teaching and Learning

All our teaching and learning is planned through units of work which can be Subject-based or Interdisciplinary. Creating interdisciplinary units of work can bring together components from other academic areas to help students dig deeper into subject topics. These lessons are planned by collaborative teams of instructors using a single planning document as a guide. Each of these units should:

  • Be a substantial, engaging, relevant, and rigorous learning experience.
  • Contribute to a well-coordinated, school-wide commitment to inquiry framed by significant local and global contexts.
  • Be driven by a conceptually driven statement of inquiry.
  • Should involve students in a variety of learning experiences that are planned in response to the statement of inquiry.
  • Build on the prior knowledge of the students.
  • Require students to reflect on their what and how they are learning and encourage responsible real-world action.


Teachers working with MYP students plan, create, and implement assessment activities and tactics. The IB believes that teachers are most qualified to evaluate students’ work, and the assessment methodology supports the teacher’s professional judgement in determining individual students’ success levels.

The MYP uses a criterion-referenced assessment model which means that students all over the world are assessed against pre-determined criteria for each subject group. In the early years of the curriculum, teachers adopt these criteria to make them age-appropriate.

External Assessment and Recognition

In the final year of the programme, our students engage with the MYP eAssessments which provide IB-validated grades based on examinations and course work. Students who undertake external assessment are eligible for MYP course results and the IB MYP certificate.