Collaboration Programme between SIS and Katikaneni Mahipathi Rao Foundation (KMRF)

The collaboration between SIS & KMRF has been transforming the society right from the grassroots. The lives of around 120 students of Aziznagar Primary & High School at the SIS Campus have been improved with the contribution of student volunteers from SIS-CAS & MYP.

Broadly scaled-up innovative activities are planned under the supervision of SIS – CAS – Coordinator – SNSA from the beginning of every academic year.

The activities thus planned include:

Imparting English skills (Worksheets, Audio visual sessions etc)
Organizing Art & Craft sessions and exhibition.
Enhancing sports & games skills with the help of SNSA.
Celebrating Children’s day and World Literacy Day with various activities including, storytelling, reading programme, and distributing books in the village schools.
Conducting Recycle- Reuse- Reduce Program: Waste Donation drive by SIS- CAS Volunteers for unused/ used good shoes, school bags, water bottles, & stationery.
Undertaking of survey by Sreenidhians in various village schools for their essential requirements and providing the required facilities.
Creating Murals – Thematic painting of village school walls by the SIS -CAS students or by the foreign students as an Exchange program who visit SIS.
Assisting Aziznagar village school students with educational field trips annually by providing transportation, food, and other amenities.
Volunteering by Sreenidhians to help the healthcare team in the village Data survey program. Student volunteers are also engaged in helping with the health/ eye camps organized & conducted in the villages by KMRF.

Programmes under KMRF-SNSA Collaboration (With SIS - CAS / MYP students / staff volunteers):

The annual KMRF- Athletic Meet is organized for the 120 village students at the SIS Campus, who have been attending the sports & games sessions on Saturdays regularly. KMRF supplies the sports uniforms & shoes for the players. Various games along with track & field events are conducted on the day and the winners are selected. The children are provided with morning drinks, biscuits and lunch. The winners are then awarded medals & certificates on the Sports Day of SIS.