DP Coordinator

Our IBDP Coordinator, Mr. Saikiran, has an impressive career as an educational leader amassing over 12 years of experience within the domain of international education. At the core of his conviction lies a profound belief in the transformative potential of the IB philosophy. He believes that the IB philosophy brings learning to life and gives opportunities for learners and teachers to view themselves as valuable citizens of the world who can make a difference.

His experience has primarily been in the field of Business Management, Theory of Knowledge, and Extended Essay. As a testament to his expertise, he holds the distinguished designation of IB Senior Examiner for DP Business Management, Extended Essay, and Internal Assessments. His dedication and prowess are further evidenced by his contributions as an IB workshop leader, his pivotal role in curriculum design, his instrumental participation in IB Reviews, and his active facilitation of professional development initiatives targeting educators.

As he shoulders the crucial mantle of IBDP Coordinator at SIS, Mr. Saikiran plays an indispensable role in orchestrating the realization of objectives for all stakeholders within the teaching and learning community. He is steadfastly committed to upholding and adhering to IB guidelines, nurturing an environment that fosters a spirit of positivity and motivation among IB educators. This environment further cultivates a robust dedication to collaboration and continuous learning, all converging harmoniously with the overarching ethos of the IB philosophy.