Secondary School Principal

Ms. Aprajita Ralli is an experienced educator with over 29 years in the field of education. She has a bachelor’s degree in History Hons., Masters in History, Bachelor’s in education, teaching, and a leadership certificate in curriculum design & instruction. Throughout her career, Aprajita has travelled to different countries to train and engage children and teachers. She has provided staff development training & support in technology integration, instructional design, and e-learning in K-12 and higher education classrooms. She moves from Pathways School (Noida) to Sreenidhi. Aprajita is passionate about keeping students at the heart of all her teaching and learning, training, and mentoring, strongly upholding the idea of student-centered learning. She is a Microsoft Education Expert & Trainer, Certified Educator for Technology Integration, Mentor, and Teach SDGs Ambassador. She believes in the students’ role in the fulfillment of global goals and facilitating projects globally. In her present line of leadership, Aprajita has been able to bring multitude of opportunities for her children and engage them in deep learning methods.