Sports Programme

Sreenidhi International School boasts world leading sports coaching and facilities. The extra-curricular sports programme is designed to complement the curricular physical education programme in PYP and MYP.

The school makes accommodations for elite and emerging athletes so that scheduling and lessons are designed to enable students to combine academic and sporting pursuits. Sreenidhi is proud that students are able to follow their dreams in whichever field they choose. Flexibility, understanding and empathy for future sporting stars and their needs are a foundation of Sreenidhi values.

Extra Time Zone Programme

Our sports programmes are conducted by Sreenidhi Sports Academy, which is the number one Sports School in India. The ETZ programme is designed to provide SIS students with the opportunity to receive professional coaching before and after the normal academic time in the sports chosen. The sessions are conducted by a team of highly qualified coaches and sports mentors for ages 5 – 18. We believe that a strong foundation built in early life continues to hold steady throughout the later years, and participation in an athletics programme affords opportunities, training, and experiences not ordinarily available in the regular curriculum. The sports program provides ample opportunities for student-athletes to participate in the Inter-school, District, State, National and International events & competitions.
Through the ETZ (Extra Time Zone) sports programme, we offer high quality coaching in a number of sports, including: