Visual Art

Visual Art is an integral part of all IB Programmes. At SIS, it is taught in all the three programmes – PYP, MYP and DP. At every stage of their educational development, we encourage our students to tap into their creative potential, take risks and explore new artistic approaches. Our Art and Design facilities empower them to do just that. We have art facilities for clay work, painting, sculpture, print making, drawing, textiles and basically all the tools to prepare our pupils for a promising career in the fields of Art. Students have opportunities to learn and develop their work, guided by passionate and well qualified creative professionals.


Drama at SIS teaches creativity, communication and teamwork — essential skills in any career. It also teaches historical and cultural appreciation and allows students to examine fundamental human issues through an expressive medium. At SIS, drama is taught in PYP and MYP. We provide a safe, non-judgmental environment and encourage full participation with its own teaching space and specialist teacher.


Music is taught in all the three IB programmes of SIS. It provides a rich experiential environment for our pupils to discover the essential joy and benefits of music. Students have endless opportunities to learn about and make music. The department is equipped with a wide variety of instruments ranging from traditional to modern as well.


In SIS, dance is a powerful outlet for expression and a medium for telling stories. It combines physical skill with strength and conditioning. It is also an avenue through which students can learn about other cultures and develop meaningful concepts of self, human relationships and physical environments. More importantly, they gain self-confidence as they learn the value of practice and discipline. Opportunities for live performance are available throughout the school year as well.