Student Council

At Sreenidhi we believe that all students have voice, choice, ownership and opportunities for leadership. For a school to operate effectively the teachers and administration must listen to students and enable their voice to be heard. To that end, we have a powerful, engaged and influential student council.
The general aim of the Student Council is to promote the good of all members of the school community. The Student Council provides the student body with a voice and a means to carry out the overall objectives of the student body. The pursuit of these objectives include the following basic areas of responsibility:

Basic areas of responsibility in the pursuit of the objectives:

Promote an atmosphere conducive to academic achievement
Encourage high standards of personal conduct among students
Foster better relationships within the school community
Maintain positive relations with the outside community
Plan and organize diverse activities and provide opportunities for discussion
Encourage and maintain a culture that will be socially and academically beneficial to all
Serve the school as an official ambassador at external events.