The Impact of Teacher’s Growth Mindset on Student Learning

A person who believes their personality traits, quality, creativity and knowledge, can be developed with their ability, hard work and commitment, learning to allow and accept are considered as a growth mindset. Everybody in the world operates by this principle—they do what they believe! As a teaching community, when we embrace a growth mindset, the students feel far more empowered and committed. They receive greater support for collaboration and innovation from the teachers. In contrast, when students are deprived of interacting with growth mindset people, they tend to lose confidence and self-esteem. The teachers are role models for students, they must look upon them with respect. It is only then we can make sure the students are following in their footsteps as shown by their teacher.

We often misunderstand the difference between a growth mindset with being flexible or open-minded or having a positive outlook. Basically, we have a mixture of fixed and growth mindsets, and that mixture continually evolves with experience, knowledge and maturity. Honestly, it’s difficult to have a pure growth mindset, however, there is no harm in having a fixed mindset while choosing a dress, food, movies etc. These choices don’t impact the growth of an individual, community or society. Creating powerful inquiries starts with a growth mindset. As an IB facilitator, a growth mindset helps the students to develop the curiosity to gain knowledge beyond the boundary rather than restricting them to be exposed to a variety of opportunities.
A growth mindset doesn’t mean praising and rewarding the unproductive efforts of students. As a facilitator, it’s important to reward not just effort but also involvement in learning and progress. Teachers must emphasize the processes where the students develop skills such as socializing, trying new strategies, and resilience to move forward effectively.
Embracing a growth mindset in the teaching community leads to a positive change in the student without any struggle. Sreenidhi’s mission and vision statement itself creates a growth mindset community.

Our vision: To create internationally minded and socially responsible global citizens.

Our Mission: Sreenidhi International School cultivates an intellectually challenging environment through holistic and impactful learning that fosters innovation, diversity, and student voice, choice and ownership of learning to create internationally-minded individuals.

The determined implementation of our mission and vision can help us travel along the path to a growth mindset.

The IB learner profile is the set of traits that helps us to develop a growth mindset.

Benefits to have a growth mindset among the teachers

The students stay energized and motivated to improve their skills.
The students develop critical thinking skills to identify and solve problems.
They become a risk taker to experiment to find new, more efficient ways to handle their responsibilities.
They understand that failure is possible but doesn’t let that stop them from taking on challenging work.

Qualities of a teacher with growth-mindset

Responsible and open to learning and improving their practices.
Enthusiastic about learning and seeking opportunities and new challenges.
Exhibits a positive attitude and high expectations of their students.
Use growth mindset language while teaching and with themselves.
Apply a growth mindset approach while giving feedback effectively
There are many significant ways through which teachers have a remarkable impact on the student’s life. Teachers are not only role models but help students with the right guidance to move their mindset towards a better future.

Author Name : Mahua Majumder